One Human Community

One Human Community


One Human Community founded by Avo Keshishyan works on preventing poverty by providing child education and tutoring to underprivileged children in San Fernando Valley, CA.

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One Human Being For One Human CommunityOne Human Community was originally created by Avo Keshishyan to help San Fernando Valley residents deal with and recover from financial hardship many experienced in the “new” economy.

In its early stages, One Human Community provided valuable information, support and resources to homeowners at risk of foreclosure; the unemployed desperate for a job and anyone else who has fallen on hard times in San Fernando Valley and beyond. There was also food, clothing and toys for children. Support was provided FREE of charge and FREE of humiliation to anyone who could document their neediness.

Having run One Human Community for over three years now, Avo Keshishyan came to realize that the continuing existence of One Human Community is essential, but its focus has to change.

He learned that some problems (such as the high rate of unemployment and mass foreclosures) were a matter of changing economy. Many families have since either adjusted or recovered. With that said, poverty persists. It is an ever-growing hole that no amount of resources seems to relieve.

That’s why Avo focuses on preventing poverty. After much brainstorming and soul-searching he concluded that child education and tutoring are the best ways to not only prevent poverty and eventually relieve it, but to bring the community together.

Families that live at – or below – poverty level understandably have to fight to survive and that fight takes most of the parents’ time. It leaves their school-age children to their own devices after school. There is no one available to turn to for help with homework and even if – and when – one of the parents happens to be available she or he may not have the tools to provide effective learning assistance. No wonder that children of struggling families under-perform in school and eventually end up as minimum wage earners.
Were the very same children given appropriate help with learning and support reaching their educational goals (tutoring) their scholastic performance would improve. College education would be within their reach. College graduates earn better salaries. Providing child education and tutoring would effectively break the cycle of poverty.

  • The first priority and immediate focus of One Human Community is providing child education and tutoring to underprivileged children.
  • A close second is strengthening ties with government agencies and the business community as well as making the transition from a grassroots movement (an informal non-profit) to a formal non-profit organization.

Regardless of the changes, One Human Community will remain true to its founding ideals. FREE support, resources and referrals for struggling homeowners, job seekers and others suffering financial hardship (who can document their neediness) will continue being available for as long as the demand for them exists.

PLEASE NOTE: One Human Community and One Human Community’s Website don’t invite political conversation; our goal is to strengthen the community, prevent and relieve human suffering in Los Angeles area through education, tutoring and peer-to-peer support.